At a very high level, a weakened immune system and the inability to fight infections is the main reason older individuals are more prone to getting UTIs. And many don’t exhibit the common symptoms of urinary tract infections like the burning sensation while urinating and the pressure and pain in the lower abdomen. The medical term for this is “asymptomatic bacteriuria” or ASB.

With a growing assisted living community for the elderly and parents being taken care of at home, it is very important for caretakers, professional or at home, to know the signs of a UTI and what to do to diagnose and treat immediately. Urinary tract infections are the second most common infections in long-term care facilities.

When UTIs are not diagnosed and treated, they can quickly become debilitated and lead to complications such as kidney damage, blood poisoning, and even death.

If you notice a sudden change in mental health in your patient or loved one, this is a key indicator of a UTI. Symptoms of “delirium” (the change in mental health) can include confusion, agitation, hallucinations, inability to communicate clearly, dizziness, and falling.

Recovery from UTIs in elderly people can be treated quickly. The first step is to have the patient tested. You can do this with a urinalysis at the doctor’s office or you can purchase test strips and keep them handy to avoid delays. If the test strip or urinalysis proves there is a UTI, treatment should start immediately.

A movement is being made to look for a natural alternative instead of antibiotics to treat UTIs in the elderly. The medical community is starting to recognize a natural supplement known as D-Mannose which has been proven to remove bacteria from the urinary tract and can do so quickly. Most of the time within 48 hours. The most effective D-Mannose is pure powder when mixed with water, dissolves completely, and has no taste.

Once the UTI has been cured, it’s important to prevent UTIs from returning. Clinical trials have found the formula that will keep UTIs at bay.  They found that a molecule called PAC within pure cranberry juice extract in the amount of 36mgs will prevent UTIs from returning.