Our daily conversations with women across the US provide valuable information about the many ways in which women of all ages are benefiting from new natural alternatives to antibiotics to stop urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Older Women Across The US Are Frustrated By Recurring UTIs

We hear from eighty-year-old women who are living alone in their homes in Wyoming or Iowa.  They have had personal relationships with their doctors for decades, but they are frustrated that their UTIs just keep coming back.  They say their doctors have no answers as to why.

We talk to fifty-year-old daughters who are responsible for their parents’ health in long-term care facilities in Florida.  They have taken matters into their own hands, because the doctors and nurses are not providing any solutions to protecting these patients from UTIs that develop into kindey infections and emergency rushes to the hospital.

And we speak to seventy-year-old grandmothers who are taking care of grandchildren in apartments in New Jersey on behalf of parents who are struggling.  They say that their doctors are too busy to listen to them, so they just prescribe more antibiotics which only work for a week or so before the UTI returns.

Thankfully There Are New, Natural Treatments That Are Helping Them

Antibiotics Are No Longer A Viable Treatment

Many of these older women cannot take antibiotics for a variety of reasons. Some say they don’t work because their infection keeps coming back, which means that they are “antibiotic-resistant”. Others say that they are allergic to them. And most say that the side effects, such as digestive upsets, are unbearable.

A few years ago doctors were prescribing long-term antibiotic treatments to help stave off future infections, but the CDC has stopped that practice, saying that this causes more harm than good.

So they continue to have to live with the threat of a serious infection and hospitalization.

New Natural Supplements Are Now Available To Stop These Infections

The good news is that scientists have found two natural supplement alternatives that have been clinically proven to protect them against these infections.

D-Mannose powder has been proven to clear the bladder of any active bacteria which may be there, and cranberry capsules coat the bladder lining to protect against any new infections. For more information about why this has helped older women across the US, read our blog entitled “Two Simple Words: Clear and Protect” here.

The optimal treatment plan is to take both the D-Mannose and the cranberry for the first 30 days, then to take just take 1 cranberry capsule a day thereafter to stay UTI-free.

Supplements That Help With Infections?  Really?

Yes, in the past year or so, scientists have finally figured out D-mannose and cranberry, both fruit-based extracts actually work.  They have bioactive molecules that go to work in your bladder to deal with the infectious germs that are there.  But these molecules do very different things.

D-Mannose, extracted from a combination of blueberries, cranberries and strawberries, clears out the active bacteria that are floating around in the bladder and adhering to the bladder lining causing an infection. The bacteria are attracted to the D-Mannose sugar molecules, so they stop clinging to the bladder wall, hop onto the molecules and are flushed out with the urine.  A simple, natural process.

Cranberry extract plays a very different role from D-Mannose.  Rather than clearing out active UTI bacteria, it forms a defensive coating in the bladder lining which prevents new UTIs.  The big discovery in 2019 was that a certain amount of PACS (proanthocyanidins – the key ingredient that makes cranberry work) is required in a daily dose in order to keep bacteria from adhering to the bladder and starting a new infection.  Scientists specified that each cranberry capsule should contain 36mg of PAC’s and not contain any additives.


Learn About Goodbye UTI

Peace of Mind For Older Women and Their Families

Thousands of older women are now taking a combination of D-Mannose and cranberry extract to stop their UTIs permanently.   Read about the new “Clear and Protect Kit” that has helped them.

Here are a few testimonials that tell the story.

“My mother-in-law was getting UTIs all the time which made her have bouts of dementia. She was very bad. Now with D-Mannose powder she is doing great. She hasn’t had a flare in 3 months.” –Sandra S 

Better than antibiotics!  Been dealing with a recurrent UTI for 7 months. Several courses of antibiotics and still tested positive. Surgery postponed due to UTI. Started the protocol in Clear and Protect Kit and tested negative after less than 2 weeks. Urologist recommended continued use of D-Mannose.” –Jean S