In this new era of COVID-19, if you suspect that you have a urinary tract infection (UTI) it’s not exactly easy to diagnose the problem via a video telemedicine visit with your gynecologist or urologist.

Also, for the elderly, there are often no symptoms accompanying a UTI, such as burning or urgency. Often their UTIs go undiagnosed and become so serious that they wind up in the hospital. Their urine should be monitored for the presence of UTI bacteria fairly frequently to avoid this situation.

The good news is that now a professional urine test can be completed right at home in a few seconds.

A note of caution: if you see blood in the urine, do not try to diagnose or manage this condition on your own; contact your doctor right away. This may indicate that you have a very serious UTI, kidney stones or even bladder/kidney cancer.

At Home Urine Test

Urine test strips just like the ones used in your doctor’s office are now available for sale online at the Goodbye UTI website. It’s a good idea to keep a supply of them available in case symptoms arise. If you suspect a UTI, you can analyze a urine sample right at home. The instructions on the urine test strip package will tell you what to look for.

Here are some examples of what this urine test will detect:

  • Leukocytes – White Blood Cells produced by the body that help fight infection. Could indicate a UTI or Kidney Infection.
  • Nitrites – The bacteria which cause UTI’s will convert nitrates into nitrites. A positive result for nitrites could indicate a UTI.
  • pH – This test checks the acidity or alkalinity of urine. If your pH is higher than 6, you likely have a UTI.


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Treatment Tip

If the urine test indicates that you have a UTI, the easiest solution is to try a natural supplement known as D-Mannose to clear it up before going to see your doctor. The majority of UTIs respond quickly to this solution. And you can use the now use the test strips to find out if it is working.

If the test is still showing an infection after a few days on D-Mannose, take a photo of the urine strip and send it over to your doctor. They will then likely prescribe an antibiotic.

Many doctors are now recommending that their patients follow up their antibiotics treatment with a daily scoop of D-Mannose to prevent recurrences.

Look for the brand Goodbye UTI to be sure that you get the highest quality D-Mannose. It is 100% pure D-Mannose powder which, when mixed with water completely dissolves and has no taste. Formulated under the strict supervision of a Doctor of Pharmacy in GA, UTI sufferers can trust the safety and efficacy of this product.