The Facts About Urinary Tract Infections Today

E. coli bacteria are the most common cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs), representing over 85% of all infections.

Antibiotics are no longer an effective treatment for E. coli UTIs; over 40% of women are experiencing recurrences within a month.

The CDC has put out a bulletin warning that “antibiotics resistance” is the next health crisis threatening the US.

There are no new antibiotics on the horizon for this type of infection… Essentially, you’re on your own to find a solution that will help you get your life back!

Lots of Natural Supplements Are Available, But It’s Confusing

The good news is that there are several natural alternatives to antibiotics that are helping thousands of women and men recover from recurring UTIs.

The bad news is that you’re often facing a confusing array of products being sold over-the-counter and it is not clear exactly what each product does.

As you stare at all the options in the pharmacy, here are some important pointers:

  • AZO’s “Maximum Strength Pain Relief” is only a temporary numbing agent. It does not clear up a UTI.
  • Cranberry can help prevent new UTIs but does not relieve the symptoms.
  • Capsules do not work as effectively as powder.
  • Combined products, like D-Mannose and cranberry, do not have sufficient amounts of either supplement to help with a UTI.

So, you need to understand how each of each natural supplement works with the UTI-causing bacteria in order to know what to take, when to take it and how much you need. Below is a quick summary.

You Need Two Separate Products That Work Together To “Clear and Protect”

Medical science has now confirmed how D-Mannose and Cranberry can work together to stop UTIs once and for all.  The catch is that you need to know what each one does because microbiologists have shown that they “manage” the bacteria in different ways, as illustrated below.

D-Mannose Powder:
Is effective at “CLEARING” UTI causing bacteria from the bladder and urinary tract.

Cranberry Powder:
When the daily dose is 36mg of pure PACS, Cranberry is effective at “PROTECTING” the urinary tract from bacteria build up that causes UTIs.

How to “Clear” An Active UTI With D-Mannose

This is for people who are currently experiencing UTI related symptoms.

D-Mannose molecules clear E. coli bacteria out of the bladder within 30 minutes.

What is D-Mannose?
D-Mannose is a natural sugar extracted from a variety of fruits. It is a “cousin” of the glucose that’s produced by our bodies when we eat fruits and vegetables. Doctors refer to D-Mannose as “the good sugar” because of its many healing properties.

What D-Mannose does:
D-mannose powder, when mixed with water, goes directly to your bladder. The E. coli bacteria are attracted to the sugar molecules, so they abandon their grip on your bladder lining and bind to their surface. They are then flushed out with your urine.

What D-Mannose does NOT do:
D-Mannose is almost entirely excreted from your body within an hour, so it does not leave behind any type of protection to fight off new bacteria. This is why some people get another infection after taking D-Mannose. They start feeling better, so they stop taking it every day and the bacteria sneak back in again.

How much Do I Need To Take?
To relieve symptoms, take 1 scoop (2000 mg) every 2-3 hours for 2 days. To keep the bladder clear of bacteria, take 1 scoop a day.

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How to “Protect” Against Future UTIs With Cranberry

This is for people with no UTI symptoms and suffer from frequent UTI flare-ups.

Cranberry PACs coat the bladder lining, bacteria cannot adhere and float out with urine

What is Cranberry Extract?
The purest form of cranberry powder is extracted from cranberry juice (no skins or seeds). Because it has a bitter taste, it is most often manufactured as a capsule. Science has shown that drinking cranberry juice does not provide the level of protection that is provided by an extract.

What Cranberry Extract Does:
Cranberry has bioactive phenols known as proanthocyanidins or PACs which coat your bladder lining and prevent those sneaky bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall which is what causes a new infection. Because the bacteria cannot stick, they harmlessly float out with your urine. Scientists have only recently confirmed that you need 36 mg of PACs every day to keep this protective coating working.

What Cranberry Extract does NOT do:
Unlike D-mannose, cranberry PACs cannot flush out the bacteria that are causing an active UTI. Its role is purely preventative.

How much do I Need To Take?
1 capsule containing 36 mg of PACs daily.

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To truly live UTI Free – Don’t Just “Clear” or “Protect” – Do Both

Now you understand how each of these supplements works and why neither D-Mannose nor Cranberry alone can fix recurring UTIs. You need both. And both need to be 100% pure, no fillers.

Whether you have an active UTI with symptoms or just want to protect against flare-ups, start by taking a daily dose of both, to simultaneously flush and coat the bladder.

To Clear:
Take 1 scoop of D-Mannose every 2-3 hours for 2 days, then 1 scoop daily until the jar is empty

To Protect:
Take 1 cranberry capsule daily

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