Question: My Doctor Has Prescribed Antibiotics AGAIN for A UTI – Isn’t There Any Way to End This Vicious Cycle?

First, Recurring UTIs Are Now Very Common

It’s an all-too-common scenario at the pharmacy counter, this customer is back for another antibiotic. She requests to speak with the pharmacist, and I can see the frustration written all over her face at the thought of another 10 day round of antibiotics.

Upon reviewing her medication profile, I can see that the doctor is prescribing something “stronger” this time around. It’s her third antibiotic this year, and I can see that this is taking a toll on her.

As she’s picking up her medication, she asks “Is there anything I could take to stop these UTIs all together?”. These types of questions come up quite frequently.  Before making any recommendations, I like to inquire about “What have you tried in the past?”.

The Old Stand-By Remedies Are No Longer Enough

More often than not I hear stories about drinking cranberry juice every day, or increasing water intake. Both of which are generally healthy things to do, but won’t produce the desired outcome of less frequent UTIs.

Recently there have been several scientific and medical articles verifying the power of natural supplements in relieving and stopping UTIs altogether.  I’ve looked into these products and those with the most effective outcomes are D-Mannose powder and a new high-powered cranberry extract.

Two Natural Products Now Proven To Stop UTIs

These two products do different things: D-Mannose clears out the bacteria that are already present in the bladder causing UTI painful symptoms.  The cranberry extract lines the bladder with a protective coating to protect it against any new bacteria which enter and try to start a new infection.

But not just any D-Mannose and cranberry supplements will work.  I’ve looked into many brands, but only Goodbye UTI has the purity that’s required to effectively stop UTIs.   Here’s what you need:


  • D-Mannose powder, not capsules. The powder mixed with water goes to the bladder much faster to deliver relief.  Additionally, capsules lose a significant amount of effectiveness in the digestive tract.
  • 100% pure D-Mannose, no additives.
  • Look for a trusted brand


  • 36 mg of PAC (proanthocyanidins) in each capsule
  • 100% pure cranberry extract, no additives
  • Capsules, not pills

The 1+1=3 Strategy: Antibiotics and Natural Supplements Together Works Best

People often ask me whether they can take both the antibiotics that their doctor has prescribed and the natural supplements at the same time.

In my practice I counsel patients to take the antibiotic as prescribed.  And I also tell them that they should start taking both of the natural supplements concurrently.

They will likely finish the antibiotic first, but they should continue to take the D-Mannose powder  and the Cranberry Plus capsules to extend the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

I’ve seen this course of therapy work extremely well for my patients. You can take both medication and natural supplements, it doesn’t have to be an “either” “or” situation. However, once the infection is cleared, I always advise to stay on the natural route!


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Linda Dumas, Doctor of Pharmacy, has over 12 years of Practical Pharmacy experience and leadership. After successfully managing three pharmacies for two major corporations, she founded Apothea, a pharmaceutical consulting company providing marketing support to a variety of clients.  Her passions include; empowering patients, serving the public, and approaching pharmaceutical topics from a friendly and nurturing perspective.