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Stop UTI’s By Managing Your pH Levels With Diet

In 2015, an article in Urology Times showed that managing pH levels in urine is an important step in controlling UTIs.  It specifically said this: “changing pH by itself promoted or inhibited bacterial growth in [...]

D-Mannose: Why It’s The Future For UTI Treatment

D-Mannose, a natural supplement, is now the safest, most effective way to stop recurring UTIs according to two recently published articles from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) database. In simple English, here is what these [...]

Doctors Now Recommending D-Mannose For UTIs

Patients Have Been Frustrated With Recurring UTIs The staff at Understanding UTIs are talking to hundreds of women and men with UTIs every day.  They tell us that they can’t understand why their infections keep coming [...]

The Triple Play: A Natural Way To Combat Chronic UTIs

Chronic UTIs Are Becoming Endemic As we age, our bodies can become more susceptible to certain health issues and urinary tract infections (UTIs) are no exception. A recent national survey showed that 20 million, or [...]

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