Women Suffer UTIs Each Year
Women Suffering 3+ UTI’s last year
Dr’s Office Visits
Emergency Room Visits
UTI Related Deaths

Urinary tract infections have become a serious problem in the US.

The statistics are worrisome, and growing every year.

The primary cause has been identified as “antibiotic resistance”. According to the NIH this is the next large health crisis we face as a nation.

Our goal is to bring together all of the latest medical and scientific information on urinary tract infections from around the world, so that you have access to everything that you need all in one place, including: facts about what causes this condition; doctors’ perspectives about treatment; and insights from others who have experienced this condition.

All of the information presented here is researched and written by a staff of seasoned medical market researchers and consultants. We rely on information from recognized healthcare authorities such as The National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Consumer Lab and the top schools of medicine at hospitals and universities. We also conduct our own research with a representative sample of men and women across the US.

We do not provide medical advice. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site should not be substituted for advice from a medical doctor.

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