UTI Bacteria Have Learned How To Evade Antibiotics

Many men and women are saying that after they have taken the required course of antibiotics, they are seeing the symptoms of another infection occurring within a few weeks. What’s going on?

We are in the midst of a growing “antibiotics resistance” crisis, which has resulted from decades of over-prescribing by physicians. The bacteria which cause UTI’s have learned how to hide from the most commonly prescribed antibiotics, so that once the recommended treatment has been completed, they begin to emerge and cause another infection.

Doctors and Scientists Around the World Are Concerned About Antibiotics Resistance

This situation is causing great concern in the medical community because simple infections are no longer treatable, and they often must rely on very powerful “last resort” antibiotics to save the patient’s life. For patients, this drug resistance crisis is resulting in a poor quality of life, leaving a large percentage of the population suffering from chronic UTIs. Take the time to watch this segment from 60 minutes about the antibiotic crisis to learn more.

The FDA and CDC are issuing guidelines for both consumers and doctors regarding the prudent use of antibiotics. In fact, doctors are now prohibited from prescribing long-term use of antibiotics for UTIs in seniors, because the research showed that the side effects were worse than the treatment.

Antibiotics Side Effects

What’s worse is that the antibiotics that are prescribed to heal UTI’s cause side effects.

First, there are the side effects which are our body’s reaction to strong drugs, such as nausea, diarrhea, rash and headaches.

Second, there are the side effects which cause other parts of our bodies to malfunction; antibiotics which were designed to kill harmful bacteria sometimes kill the good bacteria in the vagina, the intestines and the mouth.

Third, antibiotics can cause severe interaction effects with a long list of other medications that patients may be taking.

Lastly, antibiotics can cause some very serious conditions: severe allergic reaction known as anaphlyaxis; colitis; or kidney failure.

So, are there any alternatives to antibiotics for people who are suffering from UTI symptoms?


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Natural Supplements for UTIs

Many medical professionals have now turned to natural supplements. The most frequently recommended supplement is called D-Mannose; it has been cited by several medical reports and clinical trials as comparable to the most-prescribed antibiotic (Macrobid) in both speed of relief from symptoms and long-term effectiveness.

But it’s important to understand that all D-Mannose supplements are NOT the same. Here are some suggestions regarding what to look for to ensure the highest quality product before you buy:

  1. 100% pure D-Mannose: some manufacturers are adding unnecessary ingredients such as cranberry, uva ursi or hibiscus, but these extra ingredients simply dilute the healing impact of the pure product.
  2. Powder form: D-Mannose capsules or tablets must first be digested in the stomach before getting to the bladder, whereas the powder mixed in water goes right to the bladder to provide fast relief.
  3. Know who’s making the product: if you’ve looked online for natural supplements you’ve probably noticed that you cannot find out any information about the company that’s selling the product. Is it made in China or in the US? What manufacturer is standing behind the product?
  4. A medical professional should be checking the product: this is a product that you will be consuming. The FDA does not regulate natural supplements, so there are no guarantees of safety. But if a medical professional, such as a doctor, is involved in formulating the product, you can have confidence in its quality.

Treatment Tip: Goodbye UTI is a 100% pure D-Mannose supplement which has been proven to provide fast relief and to protect your bladder against future infections. It is formulated under the strict supervision of a Doctor of Pharmacy in GA.