A woman posted the following plea online the other day: “I’ve had UTI’s since 1968 and I am desperate.  I can no longer take any antibiotic because I am resistant to all of them.  I’ve tried most of the natural remedies out there and some provide relief for awhile then I’m back to the same horrible UTI symptoms again.  Is there anyone out there that can help me?

The fact of the matter is that getting rid of stubborn urinary tract infections (UTIs) takes time, patience and a lot of experimentation.  But if you stick to a specific action plan, you will be able to defeat those “sneaky” bacteria.

Causes of Stubborn UTIs: “Floaters” and “Nesters”

All UTIs are caused by bacteria that have managed to migrate from your intestines (where they are harmless) into the sterile environment of your bladder where they should not be.  The majority (over 80%) of these bacteria are known by the name “E Coli” which stands for Escherichia coli.

When the E Coli bacteria first enter the urinary tract and bladder they are “planktonic”, which means they are floating around in your urine which is why we call them “floaters”.  When present in your urine, they cause symptoms such as burning and pressure to urinate frequently. Typically, an antibiotic is prescribed which will kill these “floaters” – and that is usually the end of the infection.


But for 8 out of 10 women it is not the end: according to a publication by the National Institutes of Health, more than 80% of all chronic infections involve biofilms.

As shown in the illustration above, some of the “floaters” start attaching to the lining of the bladder where they become “nesters” or embedded UTIs.  After attaching, the bacteria cover themselves  with slimy sacs, known as “biofilms”.  This protective shield allows the bacteria to hide from the antibiotics which are trying to kill them. Inside the biofilm they begin to grow and mutate, making the biofilms larger.  The bacteria can “sense” when the  antibiotics are completely out of the urinary tract, and at that point they begin to sneak out of the biofilms and start new infections all over again.

D-Mannose – A New Alternative to Antibiotics Effectively Deals with The “Floaters”

When the antibiotics don’t work, many UTI sufferers are using a natural supplement called D-Mannose which effectively flushes out the floaters and relieves symptoms quickly.

D-Mannose is a rare sugar, a close relative of glucose.  It is extracted from fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, peaches, apples and oranges and converted into a white powder form.

The E Coli bacteria are attracted to the D-mannose sugar molecules, so they let go of their grip on the bladder lining and jump onto the molecules which carry them out of your system with your urine.

A recent article  in the Antibiotics Journal in 2021 supports the efficacy of D-Mannose with the following statement: Our findings support and confirm that D-mannose reduces the incidence of rUTIs (recurrent UTIs) and determines a longer interval between UTI episodes, with a significant improvement in patients‘ quality of life.”


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Apple Cider Vinegar –  When Added To D-Mannose Eliminates “Nesters”

Biofilms cannot be seen by the naked eye.  And there are only a very few highly sophisticated laboratory tests which can identify their presence, but these are not available to the general medical community.

So, if you’ve tried D-Mannose powder and still have not gotten rid of your symptoms, it’s a good assumption that you are dealing with nesters and try to eliminate them.

Several scientific and medical studies have shown that apple cider vinegar, known also as acetic acid, is an effective agent against biofilms.  A study published by the NIH in 2015 entitled “Antibiofilm Properties of Acetic Acid” concludes: “We have discovered that not only does acetic acid kill planktonic bacteria but it also eradicates bacteria growing in biofilms.”

Adding an apple cider vinegar tonic to a daily D-Mannose regimen will deliver an all-natural “one-two punch” to stubborn UTI’s.  The apple cider vinegar dissolves the biofilm and exposes the nesters so that they float down into the bladder where the D-Mannose will carry them out with the urine.

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What To Look For

There are hundreds of natural supplements available for UTIs on the market today.  How do you choose?


  • Only buy 100% pure D-Mannose.  You don’t want to dilute the effectiveness of this product with additives such as cranberry, vitamin C or hibiscus.
  • Buy it in powder form, not capsules.  When mixed with water, the powder dissolves completely and has no taste.  And it goes right to the bladder where it is needed, unlike capsules which need to first be digested in your stomach and are not as effective.
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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

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  • Many natural products which are being heavily advertised do not disclose where the product is made or who’s making it.   Look for a professional endorsement from doctors or pharmacists and make sure that it is made in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility.