Antibiotic overuse is driving the antibiotic resistance health crisis. It is time to take a different approach to UTI management. The time has come to put a stop to the medical practice of “Antibiotic Reliance”.

We’ve all been there, you feel the burn of another UTI coming on and you make an appointment to see your trusted doctor.

But, when it comes to UTI treatment, you are often faced with the same treatment over and over again. Another prescription of antibiotics. And increasingly, these antibiotics for urinary tract infections are no longer effective.

There is a Proven Natural Alternative That Your Doctor May Not Be Aware Of: D-Mannose Powder

Many women are now turning to a natural supplement known as D-Mannose, which has been proven to work as well as antibiotics without the negative side effects.

Unlike many natural supplements with claims that are not substantiated, they trust D-Mannose because it has been tested in a National Institute of Health clinical trial to prove effectiveness, safety and absence of side effects.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) website: A clinical trial was conducted among 308 women comparing D-Mannose to the antibiotic Nitrofurantoin for effectiveness in preventing recurring UTIs.

D-Mannose had the lowest percentage of recurrence and significantly lowers the risk of side effects compared to the antibiotic.


Learn About Goodbye UTI

Goodbye UTI offers UTI treatment and prevention products containing D-Mannose – a clinically proven molecule that naturally removes E-Coli bacteria from the urinary tract. All Goodbye UTI products are formulated in the US with the highest quality D-Mannose available on the market.

How Can A Natural Supplement Treat an Infection?

Can a vitamin treat a urinary tract infection?

You already know that most natural supplements are intended to keep your body functioning at an optimal level. Biotin for healthier hair and nails. Collagen for more beautiful skin. Vitamins C, D and E to boost various deficiencies and ward off illness.

The funny thing about these dietary supplements is that you can never really prove that they are delivering the promised benefits.

Not so with D-Mannose – it delivers imediate relief from those awful UTI symptoms.

When the powder is mixed with water and consumed, it flows directly to your bladder where it is needed. D-Mannose contains active molecules which attract the E Coli bacteria which are floating around in your bladder causing the UTI. They bind to the molecules and are flushed out of your system.

So instead of “hoping and praying” for results from antibiotics or other “home remedies”, people who take D-Mannose experience real relief within hours.

AND when taken in small doses daily, D-Mannose protects the lining of your bladder against and prevents future infections.

Watch this 1 minute video that explains the process.

Also, it is important to know that D-Mannose does not enter the intestines and lose effectiveness; nor it does not enter into the bloodstream where it can interact with other medications or cause concerns with conditions like diabetes.

Here’s what women are saying:

“After suffering through a severe UTI that turned into a kidney infection, I vowed to take better care to not let that happen again. D-Mannose has made that a reality! Whenever I feel like I might be getting a UTI, I start taking this (and drink lots of water) and no UTI. So glad I have found this product. Highly recommend!”

“I bought this for my mother-in-law who is prone to UTIs. A day after receiving it I felt as if I was getting a UTI, took the product that night, along with plenty of fluids and I was feeling amazingly better by morning. I continued to take it for several more days after. It dissolves quickly and has no flavor. So easy to take! I would highly recommend this product.”

Medical Doctors Have Started to Recognize D-Mannose as A Viable Alternative

Because D-Mannose is a supplement, and not officially approved by the FDA, medical doctors have been slow to recommend it to their patients. But because there are no available effective alternatives to antibiotics, and women are literally begging for help, they are now recommending it as a suitable alternative, either as a follow-on remedy after the course of antibiotics, or as an alternative to taking antibiotics if patients cannot tolerate them.

Dr. Jonathan Wright, a Harvard Medical School graduate and University of Michigan professor who is now at The Tacoma Clinic in WA, has been recommending D-Mannose for urinary tract infections for years. In fact, his article on the product was a cover story in the 2020 summer edition of Well Being Journal magazine.

And there are hundreds of Integrative and Naturopathic medical doctors across the US who have been recommending D-Mannose to their patients as a first line treatment for years.

How to Choose the Right D-Mannose Supplement?

Many supplement retailers and manufacturers are now beginning to sell D-Mannose in various forms: powder, capsules and tablets.

Here’s what you need to look for:
  • Who’s making it? Many of the brand names which you will find at a health store or online website have no established reputation.
  • Where is it made? Many times, the ingredients come from China and are not verified to be true D-Mannose, or to be safe.
  • What’s in It? Only buy 100% pure D-Mannose; many companies add unnecessary elements such as cranberry or hibiscus, which only dilute the effectiveness of the basic supplement.
  • Pills or Powder? Only buy the powder, not the capsules or tablets. Absorption and digestion in the intestines reduce the effectiveness of the core ingredient.

ABOUT: Goodbye UTI is 100% pure D-Mannose powder, formulated by a Doctor of Pharmacy by a well-known FDA-certified manufacturer known as Catalyst Nutraceuticals, located in Georgia. It is sold online at The Newtriment Store, a retail shop dedicated to UTI research, education, and supplements.