One of my friends went to her urologist and was surprised to hear that he recommended something new to relieve her urinary tract infection (UTI): a natural supplement called D-Mannose.

Hundreds of women across the US have been talking about this new trend in online UTI support groups.  They’re saying that their doctors are finally starting to recommend D-Mannose instead of antibiotics.  And they are thrilled because they know it works.

What Is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is a dietary supplement just like the vitamins that you take every day. It is a simple sugar, similar to glucose, and is found naturally in high amounts in many fruits such as: apples, oranges, peaches, blueberries and cranberries.

The most efficient way to take D-Mannose is in powder form (not capsules) because, when mixed with water, the supplement goes directly to the bladder and begins to provide symptom relief quickly. The powder completely dissolves in water and has no taste.

How Does It Work?

D-mannose is most effective with the E. Coli bacteria, which represent over 80% of all UTIs. E. Coli bacteria have a unique characteristic: they have long threads, known as fimbrae, which attach to the lining of the bladder and cause the infection.

These bacteria are particularly attracted to the D-Mannose molecules, so when these molecules are present in the urine, the bacteria detach from the bladder, bind to the molecules and get flushed out in the urine.


Hundreds of scientific and medical studies have been conducted on the efficacy of D-Mannose.  Most of these studies can be found at this site under the Medical Research tab.

The most recent article in April 2021 summarizes why doctors have begun to recommend it: Our findings support and confirm that D-mannose reduces the incidence of rUTIs (recurrent UTIs) and determines a longer interval between UTI episodes, with a significant improvement in patients’ quality of life.”

Another study in 2014 showed that D-Mannose performed as well as antibiotics: “Results for those taking D-mannose powder were equal to the results in the Nitrofurantoin group in significantly reducing the risk of recurrent UTI.”


D-mannose is considered very safe because it occurs naturally in many foods. Doses higher than what is consumed through normal dietary intake, however, may result in abdominal bloating or diarrhea.

Pregnant women, or individuals with diabetes, should consult with their doctor prior to taking D-Mannose.  No drug interactions have been noted.


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Why Are Doctors Calling It  “A Secret Weapon”?

While naturopathic and integrative medicine doctors have been recommending D-Mannose for UTIs for several years, medical doctors are still technically restricted to prescribing antibiotics as the first line of treatment for UTIs.

This is because medical doctors must follow the guidelines issued by the FDA.  But the FDA does not review the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements, so when they recommend D-Mannose, or any vitamin, they are taking a risk.  Imagine that.

Yet the CDC has acknowledged that we are in the midst of a severe and life-threatening “antibiotics resistance” crisis, which is leaving thousands of women suffering from UTIs which come back just a few weeks after they have completed their antibiotics treatment.

Frustrated by their inability to help these women, Urology and OB/GYN practitioners have started to recommend D-Mannose simply based on their own patients’ testimonials and recovery.

Not All D-Mannose Products Will Work- What to Look For

D-Mannose is the most widely recognized and proven non-antibiotic therapy for E. Coli UTIs available today.  But not all brands of D-Mannose are alike.  Here’s what to look for when purchasing this supplement:

1) Only buy 100% pure D-Mannose.  You don’t want to dilute the effectiveness of this product with additives such as cranberry, vitamin C or hibiscus.

2) Buy it in powder form, not capsules.  When mixed with water, the powder dissolves completely and has no taste.  And it goes right to the bladder where it is needed, unlike capsules which need to first be digested in your stomach and are not as effective.

3) Make sure it’s manufactured by a trusted source.  Many D-Mannose products which are being heavily advertised do not disclose where the product is made or who’s making it.   Look for a professional endorsement from doctors or pharmacists, and find out if it is made in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility.